Sunday, March 2, 2008

Remembering...that which is important

There are certain moments, certain people which are as real today as when we experienced the moment or the people.  I sat here most of last night by my window looking down from my 12th floor apartment at the city's lights below.  I sat here mesmerized by the fact that it has been 15 years on Thursday of this week that the girls' and my lives changed forever.  

I can remember that day as though it were today, recounting each moment, each person, just as I recall the morning 47 years ago this June 2 when my father came to tell me that my 19 year old brother had died.  Many there are, who when they have a loved one die, live under the philosophy "out of sight out of mind."  I have sought these 15 years to keep Phyllis spirit alive for Heather and Jennifer, as well as myself NOT because I felt I needed to, but rather because I wanted to do so.  We live in an age when people take for granted, or forget those people who have helped them be the people they are.  

I have sought each year to share with Heather and Jennifer, something that she would have liked, each year at this time.  It is important to me, that I share with Kyra, Lucas and others the story of Phyllis and the gifts she brought into our lives...In that way, I try to keep her spirit alive in my daily living.  I used to worry about her health; even though they are grown, I still worry about Heather and Jennifer.  I worry too much!  but this is ALSO concern and respect for those whom we love, have loved.  

I have been thinking lately of what mark I shall leave behind...and have decided that it is that I have always remembered those who have touched my life...not taken them for granted.
Where does time go?  have YOU remembered that this Saturday night we LOSE an hour.
Cherish each moment we have...


Jennifer said...

Dad, thank you for this. While I'm always focused on April 6th, I hadn't actually remembered this week--at least not until you wrote about it. I know this was a very significant day for you--the hardest of your parenting days, I would suspect. Thank you for sharing your memories with us....

heather said...

Hi Dad-
I always dread the beginning of March a little bit because of this week. I do appreciate the way you have helped honor Mom's memory with us over the years. I am very grateful for that.

Love you!